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Airbnb + ScadPro

A collaborative project between Airbnb and SCAD.

UX Research
2 months


  • To inform through illustrations educating hosts and guests on new and existing features. 
  • To understand the current and ideal experience of Airbnb.


Airbnb developed a more inclusive visual identity through illustration concepts that embrace differences, and represent everyone in an authentic way.


+100 Illustrations, 3 design concepts, and a research framework.  We helped develop the required illustrations and explored additional concepts inspired by the research



  • The interactions and exchanges between host and guest provide a sense of belonging as long as these are customized to the mutually desired level.
  • Working with illustrators, learning from their process and sharing with them the research insight.


An opportunity to demonstrate the value of user research in an illustration focused project.


We asked

What do you find most fulfilling about being a host?

Please tell me about a memorable Airbnb experience.

Please walk me through your experience waiting for, receiving and saying goodbye to your guests?

What is your biggest challenge and/or fear when staying in an Airbnb?

We heard

Research Framework


Mapped out insights, utilized descriptive coding, organized information, developed design criteria, collaborated with the UX designer for the visual outcome.

Key Insights


Meaningful interactions between host and guest can help deal with the vulnerabilities of entering a stranger's home.

New culture

An ideal Airbnb experience is stress-free, hosts are considerate of their guests' needs and the language barriers don't get in the way of cultural exchanges.


Users want a curated travel experience that embraces their individuality and privacy.


Clear, transparent, and pre-defined expectations of what a listing has to offer increase enjoyment and a stronger sense of safety for all parties involved,:

Design Proposals


Evaluated the design proposals with the design criteria from the research.

1) An asset library for the storage and creation of the illustrations

2) An inviting on boarding experience incorporating the illustrations

3) Merchandise with the Airbnb logo and illustrations.


1) Guests and hosts

2) Homes and houses

3) Travel and experiences

4) Visual concepts

TEAM: 8 Illustrators, 2 Graphic Designers, 1 UX Designer, 1 Project Manager, and 1 Design  Researcher. 

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