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A digital product designed as an enabler of emotional intelligence

Product Design
2 months

🥇 Case study in Spanish published by TorresBurriel with a Best Project Award


  • Explore the opportunities of emotional intelligence in digital products as part of a 150 hours Product Design Specialization Course.
  • Focus on carrying out the backlog of product functionalities, ideation, conceptualization and prototyping.


According to psychologist Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence is the ability to identify our emotions, manage them and manage our relationships with others, under four pillars.

Acquiring these skills is relevant to manage stress, avoid emotional exhaustion or burnout, and better perform leadership roles.

Thanks to a learning experience as a student and mentor in a self-knowledge program for women, I have become interested in this topic and how digital products solve emotional needs. I have seen how addressing these issues can result in difficult moments that impact the engagement and churn of the students in that program.


  • Conceptualization of the digital product "Emotional" with its product roadmap and prototype



  • For the problem raised, a simple first step can be: to be aware of our emotions. Digital products must consider emotion.
  • Carrying out a Minimum Viable Research plan is key when the time and resources available are even more limited.
  • The product roadmap is a “living” tool that prioritizes the features according to parts of emotional design, usability and accessibility.
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